Day 19

I have a son who has ADHD, some times he gets very overwhelmed with his emotions and acts less than desirable, especially when things aren’t working right and he’s getting frustrating. More so when his pill wears down in the early evening. My kids play with a pair of sisters down the street, one is on the Austim spectrum (the older sister) … last week the younger of the two was throwing leaves at my son, he was getting frustrated because he had asked her to stop because he was trying to concentrate on making a pile. She didnt. He got increasingly upset and threw out the F word. The little girl got upset because she doesn’t like yelling or swearing. He did say sorry, quite a few times, and the sister was ok, but the older one was so mad that when she saw him she’d walk away. Today she was playing with one of my other kids, so I went out there and had a little talk with all of them. Now they’re talking, working things out and playing.
I’m actually really proud of the two of them. I know it’s not easy to be friends with a kid with ADHD who is prone to impulsive issues, and I can only imagine it’s hard to understand that being on the spectrum, but these two some how worked through their problems and their differences.

It kind of hit me in the gut. If these kids with their own issues can work out their situations why can’t adults?

I’m thankful to have witnessed this moment. Not because I think I’ve done some awesome job at parenting – because really, I am not perfect. I fail. A lot. – but because this is a really, really big deal for these two and it was just amazing to see.

What I’m Reading Wed

I got around to finishing The Saddest Girl In The World.
It was beautiful and full of feelings. I cried. I held my breath. I wept with job. I can’t wait to read more from Cathy Glass.  Stars: 5/5 *****

I haven’t started to read anything else yet, but my next read will be the next book in the beautiful disaster series. I cannot wait!

Today’s thankful: books of course! That I live in a country where I was able to learn to read, and that I have access to any book imaginable.

Ten On Tuesday

I think we all need a little faith in humanity right now.
So here are 10 images that will restore your faith in humanity (hopefully)

Today, I am thankful that there are people out there like this. People that can help to restore our faith in humanity.


A man giving his shoes to a homeless girl in Rio de Janeirox

John Unger cradles his 19-year-old dog Schoep to sleep every night in Lake Superior so the buoyancy of the water can sooth his arthritic pain.x1


Chicago Christians showed up at a gay pride parade to apologize for homophobia in the Church.

NYPD officer offering a homeless man a pair of all-weather boots and thermal socks on a frigid night.

Crowd raising man in wheel chair to see band perform

A resident in Little Ferry, New Jersey saved neighbours from flood waters brought on by Hurricane Sandy with his own jet ski.

12-year-old Jose Rubio-Pavon with an inoperable brain tumor was sworn in as his city’s youngest police officer.

Music Monday: Imagine

I was intending to post the original, but this is far more symbolic given the circumstances. This man took his piano, pulling it on his bike, to play “Imagine” in the streets of Paris to give people hope.

For my thanks today, I am thankful for people like this. For those that still have hope, for those that are spreading love. I am thankful that for every racist or bigoted post on my fb there are multiple posts supporting peace, love and hope. Hate will not conquer, but love – love will. Stay hopeful, world. We are not lost. <3

Day 15

I spent yesterday making pretties on my computer.
I haven’t had any creative juice in a while, but my sister in law needed a birthday sign for my nephew. We bartered for Halloween costumes and crocheted hats, so I had to get on them.

After finishing hers I was able to find some creative mojo to make a small subway art poster.

Today, I’m thankful for the creativity return, and that I am able to make pretty things.

SampleChristmasPresenceI plan to try my hand at selling these, if there’s a market :)