The start

Last year, on this date, my water broke. I had no contractions all day long but on this day, with that little trickle of water, the story of Little Miss began. <3

What’s Up 7.8.2015

It’s late today.
I’m thinking that maybe I may change What’s Up Wed with a day later in the week, or even on the weekend, because I always seem rushed in the middle of the week.

This week has gone by slow. We’re just kicking back and enjoying the summer.
Little Miss got a “big girl” high chair (the boon flaire – which I absolutely love!) We found it for a steal on Kijiji (basically a giant online yardsale) and it’s amazing. I may have to right up a for real review on it!
Speaking of reviews: I got in on a BZZAGENT campaign for hair dye, which I needed badly after my purple started to fade (insert a super sad face here) the colour is amazing. I’ll be writing up a formal review later, but for now – Vidal Sassoon London Lilac is a MUST for anyone looking to add purples to their hair!

I’ve been working on chalkboard posters and nursery art. The chalkboard pictures are taking more time than I thought but I’m learning a LOT. Today I made a nursery art poster that didn’t take a ton of time. I’m quite proud, honestly :)

My kids finally got around to watching Teen Beach Movie II, which (of course) means I’ve had to listen to the songs about a trillion times over and over.. um, yay? I’ve got a bunch of their songs stuck in my head now. If you don’t know what I’m talking about count yourself lucky.


Music Monday One Foot Wrong

Remember when I used to do Rockin’ Thursdays? I used to love that, but I’ve shuffled some things around so that they are more organized. So now my blog will have Music Monday instead of Rockin’ Thursday!

Today’s song comes from PINK, mostly because I adore her and the feels that this song gives me are deep.


Just one foot wrong
And I’m gonna fall
Somebody gets it
All the lights are on
But I’m in the dark
Who’s gonna find me
Who’s gonna find me


Writer’s Workshop Who Has It Better

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for Mama Kat’s Writer’s WorkshopMama's Losin' It

Writing Prompts For July 2nd

1. Write a blog post in exactly 15 lines.
2. Milkshakes, margaritas, smoothies and more…share your favorite summer time drink recipe.
3. Write a blog post inspired by the word: cool.
4. Share a memorable road trip story!
5. Who has it better, kids or adults? List 10 reasons why you would rather be one over the other.

The writing prompts this week are all pretty awesome! I thought I’d pick the last one, because it seemed so easy, until I started to type. Now I can’t really figure out who has it better, or worse.

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