Friday Five

Happy Friday!

Bringing you five things I’m lovin’ this week!

[One / Empire]

I’m seriously lovin’ on this show right now. I have binge watched through Season 1 and part way through season 2 the last few weeks without hesitation, constantly craving more.  After this last episode we’re caught up and have to wait until March 30th  for new episodes.  I probably won’t make it. *sigh*

[Two EOS]

For a while my Sister In Law has been telling me about EOS lip balm, and I didn’t buy it. There’s no way it could be that awesome. I can buy lip balm for a dollar, why would I pay more? Then I got some for Christmas & I still wasn’t completely convinced, but I threw one in my pocket. Now, I’m constantly reaching for it and I get it. They’re amazing. I probably won’t turn back.


[Three / White Chocolate Kit Kat]Have you tried these?
You need to try these.
These are my kryptonite lately. 

[Four / Colouring]

I know, this adult colouring thing is totally trendy and hipster,
but it’s so incredibly therapeutic.

[Five / Crochet]

I made this ridiculously large bow.
To be fair, I was just practicing and had no idea what it was going to become when I started. Then it turned itself into a bow. Lady girl insisted I needed to put it on a band and then put it on Little Miss.. so I did.


The Mail Lady

February 4th is National Thank A Mailman Day. What did your mail carrier deliver that you would like to thank them for? a writing theme from Mama Kat

We had an amazing mail lady. She would always chat with us when she saw us, bring treats for the dogs, and stickers for the kids. When we were late with our Santa letters one year she brought a letter for each kid from Santa. She would drop of small trinkets along her route.  She was absolutely the best mail carrier we have ever met and one day she just wasn’t there. We were used to her taking time off because of her knee, but as we saw less and less of her we knew it was a matter of time.  We left her a thank you letter with a Timmy’s card in our mailbox one day, and we saw her a few more times after that before we didn’t see her again.  We miss her.  What did she deliver? Everything, including a genuine care for the people she delivered too.