Music Monday Ben & Mal (Love Me Like You Do)

I am a total sucker for fan videos, and as a mom I have watched decendants about twenty million times. This week. (Ok, not that much, you it’s probably close)  I’m mom enough to admit that I kind of maybe love the movie too. AND that Ben & Mal are pretty adorable.
I came across this fan made video on youtube as a suggestion (which goes to show I … er.. my kids listen to decedent songs a bit too much)  & instantly knew I had to share it with you guys.

Friday Fun: Which Witch Are YOU?

You are Endora from “Bewitched!” You are sassy, classy, and full of charm. Despite your calm, sophisticated exterior, you are brimming with power — and you’re not afraid to use it! You have little patience for dumb mortals — but if you love someone, you protect them with all your might. You are a force to be reckoned with!

Endora, played by Agnes Moorehead, was a leading character on the wildly popular TV show “Bewitched.” She was a powerful witch who hated mortals — specifically her bumbling son-in-law, Darrin.

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Toddler Years

Little Miss has become brave, walking independently more and more each day. She has also hit toddler mode. I do love this stage of discovery and curiosity. Watching her learn about her environment is amazing, even though there are times it makes me want to rip my hair out.

Yesterday her day consisted of

  • taking ALL of her toys out of their bins, repeatedly
  • Throwing her diapers off their shelf, three times, one of those times being while I was putting them back up.
  • Ripped up toilet paper in the living room that we had there to wipe something up
  • Taking a whole container full of wipes and dumping them on the floor.
  • And, she can now climb so daddy had to move his speaker.

This is my fault, this whole time I thought “Love You Forever” was a story, apparently for toddlers it’s a “how to” book.

Summer Days Drifting Away

Summer is half over. How has that happened already?

It’s been pretty laid back in our home, the kids are just enjoying the freedom of summer.
Somewhere between all the moms groups, blogs and pinterest I forgot that some of the best summers are the unplanned ones. The ones where the kids are just able to be free, playing and enjoying being a kid. I mean, isn’t that what summers used to be about? Now it seems that we feel we have to plan out every moment of our children’s summer days and sometimes it seems like maybe we need to get back to the simplicity that is childhood.

In less about a month the littles are going to be back in school, and life will be less chaotic. My blogging will be less sporadic then, hopefully, but for now I’m enjoying these moments.