Reblogged: Mayim Bialik: ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Finally Stops Breastfeeding


I don’t understand all this hype over ‘attachment parenting’ like it’s something new. Baby wearing, natural led child weaning, co sleeping, all of that isn’t new. Our species have been doing these things since the dawn of time. Suddenly people have decided that these things aren’t ‘proper’ and that people who practice ‘attachment parenting’ are weird.
What I want to know is who’s business is it how someone parents? or whether they decide to breastfeed? Or when they decide is right to wean? When did society decide that it’s ok to decide what another person does with their child?

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Mayim reluctantly stopped breastfeeding her 4-year-old son in November, the actress recently said. Did she wait too long?

Mayim Bialik, an advocate of attachment parenting, caused some controversy in 2011, when it was revealed that she still breastfed her 3-year-old son. Surprisingly, The Big Bang Theory actress put an end to breastfeeding her son Fred, but it wasn’t until this past November, when he was 4-years-old.

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